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Thanks for popping by Lucy! We can’t wait until 8 September!


Fantastic Mya! We are looking forward to seeing your art work at SST!


Well done Charlotte! You have done a brilliant job of our Robotics Transition Workshop!


Well done Isla! This is a great piece of work for our Robitics Transition Workshop!


We would like to wish our Founding Cohort, families and staff a wonderful Summer break. Please do keep in touch with what you get up to, we cannot wait to welcome our community to the school in September!


Retweeted From Julie Derrick

Wishing every student/pupil, parent, teacher and member of support staff a wonderful summer holiday! As a family of schools, we have achieved so much in what has been a unique year! I cannot thank our team enough!


A great achievement Mya! Clear coding capability!


A beautiful Robin sent to us by Adam!


Isla was busy baking today!


Zak produced an origami bird mobile as part of our Transition Workshops! We would love to see this on display in the school!


Adam has produced an amazing model Robin for his Creative Arts Transition Workshop!


Congratulations William! We are very proud of you!


Our latest teacher profile features Mr Payne who will be Head of Year at SST! Find out what he'd take to a desert island right here!


Rohan shared his progress of his robotics coding! Well done Rohan!


Briony did a fantastic job with her Robotics coding, a great addition to our Founding Cohort!


Good luck everyone!


Well done Isla, for your beautiful Origami bird as part of our Transition Workshops! We would love for this to have pride of place in school in September!


Isla, one of our Founding Cohort, has done some great work about the history of the NHS!


Andrejs loved the latest Transition Workshop!


Zak amazed us with his robotics work as part of our Transition Workshops! Well done Zak!


Zak carried on his work in our coding workshop!


Don't miss this week's Transition Workshop for our new Year 7 students - we can't wait to see what you come up with! It's Creative Arts this week so let your imagination loose! Full details here -


Oh no! Safe to say, this is definitely the first broken arm of our Founding Cohort! We hope you feel better soon!


Well done to William, for his decoding skills in our weekly challenges!


A great job by Ujuchi with his Transition Workshop!


Maya attempted our Virtual Sports Challenge! First attempt: 1.49m, Second attempt: 1.65m! Well done Maya!


Well done Rohan, for completing the final part of our Transition Workshop!


Well done Martin- a careful coder in our Transition Workshop!


Would you like to join our friendly team, at our brand new state-of-the-art school in Maidstone? We are looking for a Site Supervisor - you can find all the details on our website -


Thank you very much! We cannot wait to welcome our student community!


Well done Briony for a Standing Long Jump of 181cm earning 18 points in our Virtual Sports Challenge!


Well done Adam for your superb work in our Transition Workshops!


Would you like a sneak peek at our brand new school? Look no further! Students from some of our other VIAT schools have made a video to give you a taste of what's to come in September - we hope you're as excited as we are!


We are looking for a Senior IT Technician to join the friendly team at our brand new state-of-the-art secondary school in Maidstone. For full details and to apply, please see our website -


Maya was able to join a professional Teams meeting, to share with a team of botanists about her Herbarium and Daily Walks! The talk was enjoyed by all!


Week 3 of our Virtual Sports Challenge continues with the Standing Long Jump!


Head of Music, Mr Heaton, is next in line for our series of SST teacher profiles - find out all about him, including what he would take to a desert island, right here!


Well done to Briony, taking part in our Virtual Sports Challenges! She managed 17 Bottle Flip Landings in 60 seconds!


Chloe did a great job on our Transition Workshop! A promising programmer!


Well done to Adam for his careful coding in our Transition Workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

We seem to have different colour blazers and trousers, is this correct? 

We have sent a letter to parents and carers to explain the issues we have recently been made aware of concerning uniform.

We have asked our uniform suppliers to swap any non-matching items without charge. Please review the email sent for further details. 

Do we have to buy uniform from Pages or Simmonds? 

Yes, please ensure you use our uniform suppliers to make sure you have the appropriate uniform, along with the correct logos, colours and fits. 

Which colour PE top should we purchase? 

You should have been emailed the coloured PE top you need to purchase, along with your form group. Uniform suppliers are aware that they need to embroider student initials at the time of purchase. 

What equipment do we need to purchase? 

All students will need to purchase a base set of equipment including:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler 
  • Calculator 
  • Mathematics set 

How do we buy the Art/Study pack? 

Once we know more about how we operate under COVID in September, we will publish details of how you can purchase these. 

When do students receive iPads? 

Students will receive iPads in September once the term begins. 

What time do students need to arrive on 8 September?

Students should arrive for 8.30am, ready to start form time at 8.40am. Staff will be on site to welcome students and ensure they know where to go. 

Can I change my son/daughter's form group? 

No. Unfortunately the form groups are now set and cannot be changed. We did take all requests into account, and have ensured we adopt a fair approach to all. 

How will my child be taught? Will it be in streamed classes? 

Students will be taught in their form groups, which are mixed ability sets. Staff are confident and skilled in differentiating for students of all abilities. 

How will students be able to buy lunch?

We are currently reviewing our school procedures in line with COVID, and in discussion with our new catering company about the best way to work with this on site. We hope to give more detailed guidance by the end of August when we will receive the most up to date guidance from the Government.