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As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'sanguine'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


This week in our Weekly Vlog, Mr Anderson speaks about the huge success of our School Production earlier this week. You will also see a few sneak peek performances from their rehearsal! Check it out here:


Did you know that today is ? Our Year 7 students have been set two challenges by Mrs Vincent to help promote this important occasion!


Earlier this week we welcomed who performed a fantastic production of 'What you Will' to our students. It was a great engaging introduction to and it transported our students to the world of Elizabethan Theatre!


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'laudable'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


We are excited to confirm that there are a few limited tickets still available to purchase for our school production this afternoon! Booking details can be found here:


After months of rehearsing, we are so excited to see our students perform in our first ever school production, 'Will Power', this afternoon! Good luck to our students taking part and special thanks goes to Mr Anderson and Mr Lee for all of their hard work!


We are so happy to hear that SST's first ever school trip was a big success on Friday. Our Choir students went to Thorpe Park and had a great time!


Our students enjoyed the weather yesterday afternoon as Miss Orme moved 'Make it Club' to the Courtyard to make the most of this glorious sunshine ☀️#ExtraCurricular


This week in Drama, our Year 8 students are learning sequencing, and are seen here performing still images!


This morning we are off to Primary School for a Transition Meeting. Tilly, Oliver and Will are looking forward to speaking to the students joining us next year!


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'Iniquitous'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


As part of our transition, there will be a series of weekly challenges for our newest recruits to take part in which are uploaded every week! This week we are challenging students to a Drama challenge. Head over to our website for further info!


We are delighted to announce Briony, Year 8, has been commended in the Spanish category for the South East region. Well done Briony!


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'perpetrator'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


With June being GRT History Month, our students learnt about what makes a home for the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community in assembly this morning!


This morning Mr Payne, Yasmina and Emilis are off to Leeds & Broomfield CE Primary to meet with the Year 6 students starting with us in September! We are excited to start our Primary visits this term


We are so happy to welcome our students back for Term 6 after a restful break! We are looking forward to another packed full term!


Our students continued their project in collaboration with today. They have been discussing how our different cultures are affected by issues raised by the United Nations in their Sustainable Development Goals and how we can work towards a more sustainable future!


This week we are celebrating Citizenship Week by challenging our students to plan a local project taking action on one of the sustainable goals!


Recently we challenged our newest recruits to an Art Challenge, as part of . They were asked to photograph objects or settings which have human characteristics. We were so impressed with the entries! Check out these brilliant submissions from Oscar, Eliana & Ava!


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'bystander'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


We are so proud of our Girls Football Team who made it through to the final yesterday! After a brilliant performance we sadly lost in a penalty shootout however their achievement goes down in our SST history as the first team to make it to a final! Well done girls!


Good luck to our Year 7 and 8 Girls Football Team playing in the championship final this afternoon at the Gallagher Stadium!


Session 5 is all about reflection and evaluation. Our students have been busy updating their competencies on their iPads using !


During session 4 of our we welcome Matt from “We are with you” agency. He is speaking to our students about peer related issues including risks of drugs, energy drinks and the consequences of taking drugs!


Session 3 is all about prejudice related incidents. Here they are working hard to create a poster to explain what they have learned!


Session 2 is focused on students working together. They have learnt that everybody is different in lots of different ways and we need to treat everybody the same.


Session 1 of our is focused on exploring stereotypes! Our students are understanding the importance of not judging a book by its cover!


The sun is shining for our Empower Day! Today will be a series of sessions focused on reacting to situations in life and considering how our reactions and actions can affect others!


Today is the day of our Students v Staff Football match! If wish to make a voluntary donation, this can be made here:


Today we virtually hosted a school in Belgium, where three teachers taught a STEM lesson to our Year 7 students. This is part of a long standing relationship between and


We are pleased to open our school for current Year 5 students and parents to take part in a student led tour on the following dates! Head over to our website to secure a ticket:


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'collaborator'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


Today we had the 1st session of our 'Learning Alliance Beyond Borders' project that 15 SST students will be working on with students from . They will be learning about each other’s cultures, and working together to look at innovative ways to tackle climate change!


Check out this car that the students in GreenPower Car Club have made! They enjoyed doing some practice runs yesterday without the body work of the car in place so that they can check everything is working properly before it is raced!


Congratulations to our Girls Football team who only went and got through to the Championship FINAL! They will be playing at Gallagher Stadium on Thursday, 19 May. Further information on how you can watch will be available soon!


We are thrilled to announce our long-awaited Staff vs Students football match, which will be taking place after school on Wednesday, 18 May, to raise money for our Library. If wish to make a voluntary donation, this can be made here:


As a way of expanding our student vocabulary, SST is promoting a weekly 'Word of the Week'. This week it is 'resistance'! Students will be rewarded with an Achievement Point for using the WoW correctly.


Check out how much fun we had raising money for Ukraine by cycling from Kent to Kyiv last week in our weekly vlog! Who else is super impressed with Mr Lee's slow motion cycling?!


Img 6531

The Maths department includes the following staff:

- Mr J Regan – Lead Teacher of Maths
- Miss J Derrick – Teacher of Maths
- Miss K Wigg.- Teacher of Maths

As a fundamental member of the STREAM focus at SST Maidstone, the Maths department engages students in a well sequenced curriculum to support the developing numeracy skills of students. Students guided through key skills and knowledge in the subject, supported by platforms such as TTRockstars, Hegarty Maths and Numeracy Ninjas.

The Maths department runs UKMT club every week for students who want to strengthen and further their understanding of the content from their lessons. Additionally, there is a weekly Number Club for students who may struggle with the transition to secondary school and need further help to develop basic numeracy skills. 

The department has strong collaborative links with other departments, such as:

  • Wider discussions on place value with Year 7 Binary numbers as Year 7 study place value in Computer Science. 
  • Consideration of population growth, linking to Humanities. 

Curriculum Intent

Img 6528

At SST we believe our students deserve a creative and ambitions mathematics curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge that will ensure they have the core competencies after their time at SST in everyday life and their future employment. Our curriculum aims to ignite curiosity, challenge and inspire, whilst giving our students the opportunity to: 

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. This should be achieved through varied and frequent practice. Knowledge will be built upon over time, students will develop a conceptual understanding and ability to confidently apply knowledge precisely. 

  • Reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing concepts and generalisations and defining proofs. 

  • Solve problems by applying mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing complexity. This should be achieved through breaking down problems into a series of smaller steps and persevering in the challenge of tackling these. 

  • Communicate, justify, argue and prove using mathematical vocabulary. 

  • Develop their character, including resilience, confidence and independence, so that students are able to contribute to the life to the school and wider  

Our mastery approach aims to allow each student to maximise their academic achievement through a spiral curriculum which looks to build each year on the prior knowledge of each student. Each lesson will allow students to consider what prior-knowledge they already poses, highlight the new knowledge held in the lesson and plenty of opportunity for students to practice the new knowledge through a variety of activities. Lessons are scaffolded and differentiated through the use of manipulatives, multiple representations of concepts which additionally helps to not overwhelm students working memory.  

As a new school we take pride in the connections we already have established with the other secondary schools in the trust and the collaborative professional development we share together allows us to be constantly challenging each other and developing our curriculum. 

Students will be taught for a total of 6 hours over the course of the two week timetable which will contain a mixture of time spent working on basic numeracy skills, rich tasks, investigations, practicing prior knowledge and establishing new knowledge. 

Curriculum Topics

Year 7


  • Sequences
  • Place value and ordering integers & decimals
  • Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence
  • Mental, written and calculator skills for addition, multiplication, subtraction and division
  • Fractions & percentages of amounts
  • Operations with directed numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of integers and fractions
  • Prime number and proof


  • Understanding and applying algebraic notation
  • Equality and Equivalence


  • Constructing, measuring and using geometric notation
  • Develop geometric reasoning


  • Sets and probability

Year 8


  • Ratio & scale
  • Multiplicative change
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Fractions and percentages
  • Standard index form
  • Number sense


  • Brackets, equations and inequalities
  • Sequences
  • Indices


  • Working in the cartesian plane
  • Angles in parallel lines and polygons
  • Area of trapezia and circles
  • Line of symmetry and reflection


  • Representing data
  • Tables and probability
  • The data handling cycle
  • Measures of location

Year 9


  • Surds
  • Percentage increase & decrease
  • Maths in real life; Bills, wages, taxes, simple/compound interest, bank statements.
  • Solving ratio & proportion problems
  • Compound units


  • Straight line graphs
  • Forming and solving equations
  • Testing conjectures
  • Representing quadratics and inequalities


  • Three dimensional shapes
  • Constructions and congruency
  • Problem solving with angles and shapes
  • Transformations
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Enlargement and similarity


  • Theoretical and expected probability

Years 10 and 11

Students will continue to develop their mathematical knowledge in a supported but challenging environment in GCSE Mathematics.

Years 12 and 13

The Maths department at SST will be looking to offer:

  • Core Mathematics
  • A – level Mathematics
  • A – Level Further Mathematics

Transition Information

Img 6359

Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3

Lessons are all designed to allow students to choose their level of difficulty with guidance from teachers.

There is an opportunity for students to join the numeracy club to further consolidate their basic numeracy skills through rich and interactive tasks.

Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

During key stage 3 students will be taught a wide range of content following a mastery curriculum. From this students should feel confident when entering their first GCSE years in Mathematics.

Extra curriculum opportunities are provided through UKMT challenges, number day and maths week.

Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5

Students will be supported in their transition from KS4 to KS5 through modelling lessons that they should expect in KS5 early on in KS4. Students will be encouraged to speak to their teacher about the similarities and differences in KS5 to KS4. KS5 begins with a number of topics overlapping with KS4 allowing students to settle to the work confidently.  

Beyond Key Stage 5

Students are given opportunities to look at different routes to continuing their mathematical knowledge at university, whether that is a pure mathematics degree, a degree with heavy mathematical content or a joint honours degree. Students are further supported by sharing with them how Mathematics can aid them in finding employment or an apprenticeship after completing KS5.

Extended Curriculum Opportunities

Click here to view the Extended Curriculum Opportunities for Maths.